+ W H O + A R E + W E + ? +

We're just a group of people who love the character of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We chat with each other on the Yahoo!Club that our founder Jamie (A.K.A. Mrs. Marsters) has set up for us and we gather here at the website's message board!

+ T H E + B E G I N N I N G +

So just how did the DKSC come about?

The founding members (Jamie, Amezri, Dayloro, et al) first met way back when (even I can't remember exactly when) at The Bronze Posting Board. Through several of our chats we became concerned for our 'blondie bear' and thus decided to begin this kick-ass club! Our main message being, of course, "Don't Kill Spike!" And it was that simple!

Seeing as Spike's still alive and kicking (we'll just completely forget the Buffy series final, shall we), I'd say we've been quite successful in our mission! So give your awesome selves a pat on the back!

P.S. We discovered about a year or so after creating the club, that even before we started this club, James used to have a t-shirt that he wore around set, which said (you guessed it) "Don't Kill Spike!" I'd say that's as good as "Spike's" own stamp of approval!

+ T H E + S T A F F +

This is the space where we tell you a little bit about us - the people who run the DKSC.

JAMIE MARSTERS - Club Founder. Like Amezri, I've been a Buffy fan since the beginning, and a Spike fan since his very first appearance. I love knowing all the latest that James and the gang are up to, and I also love sharing that news with all of you!

DAYLORO - Site Co-Mistress - Maintenance. Say something, D!

AMEZRI MIZUDAX - Site Co-Mistress - Graphics and design. I've been a Buffy fan since the very beginning, and let me tell ya, I'll be really pissed if the show gets screwed up after it moves to UPN in the fall. Well, at least Spike will still be on it, right? ^_^ My other fandoms include Angel, X-Men, Charmed, Farscape and Anita Blake.

+ D I S C L A I M E R +

Due to some confusion in the past, let's just make this clear: We are NOT James Marsters. We do NOT know him, talk to him, or have any way of communicating with him. (Although that'd be really, really cool.) In fact, he probably doesn't even know about us. This is an unsanctioned fan club and site.

Images of James Marsters and Spike belong to the WB, Fox, Mutant Enemy, and various corporate entities therein. We claim no ownership over these items.

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