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So you want to join our group, eh? Well, it's a simple and painless process, unlike the removal of the chip in poor Spike's head.

All you have to do is email our founder, Jamie (tallica_99@hotmail.com), with 5 reasons why you love Spike. She'll decide if your reasons are good enough for you to enter the club.

Please be sure to include what you would like your Member Name to be (ie. a chat name you use) and whether or not you'd like your email listed on the site. Also if you have a website you'd like us to link to, include that as well.

When you join the club, come back here and copy the code for the member button below to put on your website. If you'd like, you can also request a personalized member badge. See details and sample below. Join now!

You can also join our Mailing List or add DKSC as an LJ friend/follow the DKSC LJ RSS feed!

You can use this graphic anywhere on your site to show your membership. Just copy the tag and paste it. Please save the image and upload it to your server.

<a href="http://dontkillspike.50webs.com"><img src="dkscbutn.jpg" border=0 alt="Don't Kill Spike Club"></a>

To recieve a personalized badge, like the one shown below, just e-mail Amezri with your member number and the name you want to appear on the badge. If you would like us to link back to you, please send her your website name and URL.

Please put "Don't Kill Spike Club" or "DKSC" in the subject line. She'll try to get it done the next day, but real life has a funny way of squashing plans sometimes. If code does not accompany the graphic, just copy the one below.

<a href="http://dontkillspike.50webs.com"><img src="**filename here**" border=0 alt="Don't Kill Spike Club"></a>

The Don't Kill Spike Club is owned and operated by Jamie Marsters.
This site is maintained by Jamie, Dayloro & Amezri.
Site design and graphics by AstrumIgnis Productions.


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