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Since its birth on 6 June 2000, we have expanded both our site and our number of members. We welcome all newcomers and hope the existing members keep enjoying the site.

The DKSC is now using frames. If you're viewing this page without frames, click here. We've also implemented a new navigation system, which you can find on the left. It's an expanding/collapsing menu using Javascript. If you have any problems with the menu, please let us know.

Alternatively, if you can't access the menu at all, here's a quick & dirty link list here

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Welcome to all new members! Be sure to check out our new Bloody Board, hosted by ProBoards.com. We lost our previous board due to lack of funding, but this new board is free and comes highly recommended for anyone looking to set one up!

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30 Apr, 17 - Just adding the latest version of the James Marsters Upcoming Events pic here. You can always find the latest version pinned to my twitter profile. Just a reminder to visit the DKSC LiveJournal for all the latest news, interviews, etc on James; which you can also find embedded on this site here. - Jamie

James Marsters Upcoming Events/Conventions

07 Jun, 13 - Ok, a couple of updates today. Firstly, I've updated the James Marsters News page with a new twitter search widget, as twitter's done something that's making the previous one no longer work. Nextly, I've updated the Join DKSC page a little to include proper updated links/info. And lastly, I've updated the Links page with all the Ghost of the Robot links that I hadn't included; and all of James' upcoming conventions are now linked as well. So go browse! - Jamie

28 Oct, 12 - Long time, no update! The site will likely not be updated as often as previously, as I'm mostly posting news, etc at the DKSC LiveJournal, which you can find embedded on this site here, or visit directly here. However, today I have updated the Links page with a new James fansite, links to all James' upcoming event appearances, and removed several dead links. Enjoy! - Jamie

12 Jul, 10 - The Don't Kill Spike Club has been nominated for Faxo Tweeter's Best Fansite award! *YAY* Thanks so much to whoever it was that nominated the site! :) We're the only James Marsters website nominated, so if you're a fan of the site, or of James, please go vote! - Jamie

16 Mar, 10 - Several updates today, so here they are. I've added a new link to the menu on your left: Under "The Vampire Section" you'll now find a link to a new page entitled "Spike/James LJ News," which is an embedded frame of my LiveJournal, where I post major James news, as well as daily Twitter updates. So, hopefully you'll all enjoy that. Next, I've finally (after a decade or so!) gotten around to adding a Spike biography. And, finally, I've added a new opinion poll, which asks "Which current/future James Marsters project are you most enjoying/excited about?" You'll also find the result of the previous poll: "What do you think of the proposed new Buffy movie, without Joss Whedon?" So enjoy those updates, and see you around! - Jamie

13 Mar, 10 - Updated the James Marsters News page with two new Twitter Widgets, as the last widget wasn't working. The first widget will show all my updates (covering all the latest James Marsters news); and the second one is a search widget that will show all tweets that mention James Marsters. I've also updated the Links page with links to all James' upcoming convention appearances, a new James fansite, and removed some dead links. If you'd like me to link to your website, email me your link (please include a banner if you have one)! And for all the latest James goodies be sure to check out my LiveJournal (now updated with more James Marsters news, etc), my Twitter, The Bloody Board, or join the Mailing List. As always, check out the Calendar to find out what James is up to. :) - Jamie

14 November, 08 - Added new RewardsCentral banner (see below). Australian's who would like to earn cash simply for reading emails, click the banner below and check out RewardsCentral. I'm not usually one for advertisement banners and what-not, but I had to add this one because it's such a great site! - Jamie

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AUSTRALIANS! - If you want to earn cash for reading emails, click the link below and join RewardsCentral! It's not a scam, I've been a member for several years now and you can quickly and easily earn money and other rewards! I've already earned myself over $200! - Jamie

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